SADAF, In a Shell
SADAF Technology Development is a well established Palestinian company, aimed at facilitating a solid experience in the fields of Technology Development and Creative Production. SADAF team is exposed to long local and international firms and organizations experiences in several fields, all related to Technology Development.

SADAF walks its clients every step of the way, from free initial advising to the reliable finished solution. This tour also includes stations such as managing, publishing and provide continues support. SADAF commits to do its home work before, during and after providing the solution.

We have provided and commented to provide any information here that may help you better understand the procedures and processes of providing and developing any of our solutions.
SADAF Pearls
Managed by a creative team dedicated to providing innovative and affordable concepts and solutions that enables its clients to achieve their goals. SADAF Team has the experience and expertise to carry out your unique and common business needs with the attention it deserves.

The team at SADAF has various abilities with access to different applications and solutions, During the last 10 years the team had provided multilevel of technology solutions and services to Local, National and International companies and organizations thru leading businesses and e-services providers.

For samples of our pearl collection, please open our Portfolio